Wanted: Jewish Bachelor

Like hummous?
Media whore?
Think Israeli women are hot?
Well if you find yourself answering yes to the above questions then a new Israel reality television show wants you!

The program’s producers are looking for a bachelor between the ages of 24-38, and are interested in finding someone who is handsome, educated and financially secure – that is, the dream of every Israeli mother.
In the framework of their efforts, the producers even elicited the assistance of Jewish organization in the hopes of finding the perfect man for the job.
Auditions are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks in New York and Los Angeles and additional selections are set to take place in one of Europe’s capital cities.
If you believe you have what it takes and feel you are a potential candidate, send an email to [email protected] and leave your details, or secretly nominate family members or friends.

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3 thoughts on “Wanted: Jewish Bachelor

  1. They didn’t seem to mention self-hating Jew as NOT one of the qualifications, so what if you get someone like Woody Allen…?

  2. yeh great lets promote more rich American and other dispora Jews coming to israel taking thier pick and making them leave haeretz!
    I say the opposite get Israeli women to bring their men to Israel or Israeli men!
    They be looads of olim..

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