More on the “New” Antisemitism

The Sunday Times Book Review on Abe Foxman’s Never Again:

What accounts for Foxman’s anxiety? It’s not simply that hate crimes against Jews have increased markedly; it has more to do with the nature of the hatred than with its frequency. The new anti-Semitism is a mutant strain of the old bacillus, making it extremely transportable and highly potent. Wherever Foxman looks in the world, he sees examples of the problem, emerging along every point on the political spectrum. For example: in the past few years, extreme leftwing and right-wing groups in Europe have worked together to mount anti-Israel demonstrations in several major cities; in the United States, white supremacists and other ultraright-wing organizations have taken up the Palestinian issue in the hope of building a new coalition against Jews; and left-wing groups throughout the country, and especially on college campuses, have championed the anti-Israel cause, at times pushing it, in Foxman’s words, ”over the line into outright anti-Semitism.”

In a related Op-Ed, the UK Guardian reports,

There is no doubt that recent anti-semitism is linked to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And it is equally without doubt that Israeli policies sometimes deserve criticism. There is nothing wrong, or even remotely anti-semitic, in disapproving of Israeli policies. Nevertheless, this debate – with its insistence that there is a distinction between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism – misses the crucial point of contention. Israel’s advocates do not want to gag critics by brandishing the bogeyman of anti-semitism: rather, they are concerned about the form the criticism takes.

Meh, I agree and disagree. While the average Jewish citizen (particularly those somewhat Left of center) may not be as prone to do so, it is unquestionable that the Jewish establishment does its best to dismiss any critics of Israel as antisemites. Might I recommend a book on the subject?

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