Motzash Mishegaas

8 thoughts on “Motzash Mishegaas

  1. You left out the appointment (upon approval by the Board) of Dr. Arnold Eisen to Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary. See Forward and Wikipedia bio (also, it is worth someone changing/making nice Richard Joel’s Wikipedia bio)

  2. As far as “scientific studies” debunking the efficacy of prayer, I actually researched real studies on the subject and wrote a research paper in the Fall for my class Health Psychology. And at least in the world of legitimate psychological studies that are published in real psychological journals, prayer does have measureable benefits.
    I would put links to a few such studies, but as far as I know, they’re only available for free from the campus network. But if anyone is actually interested to read a couple such studies, I guess I could email you. Let me know.

  3. my belief is that prayer is more effective for the person praying than for the people being prayed for…do these papers support this idea?

  4. Yep, that’s exactly what the studies focused on, how the individual was affected by their own prayer or other spiritual practices. And funny thing is, a couple of them focused on prayer/spiritual practices before and after open-heart surgery, which I think was the theme of the study in that Daily Show clip.

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