4 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. Off topic but apparently the Neville brothers aren’t going back to New Orleans, which pretty much means the city isn’t going to be restored, or at least the music scene won’t be. Tipitinas will likely go under since the Neville’s were the regular house act. They are all scattered over the country according to Cyril. He has bought a home in Austin.

  2. Don’t ever give that terrorist sympathizer Ibrahim Hooper the honor of being called “the Muslim Abe Foxman.”
    CAIR has been linked to Hamas, and Hooper is more or less and apologist for Islamic terrorism. CAIR’s goal is to Islamicize the US.

  3. CAIR is linked to terror by a number of groups that have a long history of unfair smears on Arabs and Muslims, particularly Campus Watch and Daniel Pipes. In reality Cair has denounced Hamas as a terror organization repreatedly. Some of its members have said controversial things over the years. But this has also been a problem in ADL. For instance, Rabbi Eckstien is a supporter of Christian Zionism’s Stand With Israel” the organization that recently joined with AJC and thje David Project, with a good deal of help from Campus watch, to smear Christian Pacifist Sabeel Center as terrorist. He is personal friend pro-transfer Benny Elon. He used to be a member of ADL.
    I am not supporting the position against Steinham, but they are a muslim apologist org, so I am not surprised by it.

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