9 thoughts on “HEEBONISM: The Blowout for Those Who Think the Matzo Ball Blows

  1. I had argued that she should at least wear sleeves past her elbows for that exact reason, but it’s just too hard to find those types of sheets outside of Meah Shearim.

  2. how can sarah silverman be on the poster if she’s not headlining the show?!?!?!?
    hmph. i’m not showing up unless she makes a surprise guest appearance…
    p.s. frumguy, which website did you think you were on, chabad.org?

  3. Pornography is generally defined as:
    “creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.”
    Heeb has literary and artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire, even though Sarah Silverman does tend to excite the menfolk. So at best Heeb is……..porny.
    Frumguy, have you ever read any of the intellectual and critical creative thought contained within some of the magazines articles? Or did you just get offended by the cover?
    If you’ve ever been to a Blue Fringe show, and looked at the crowd, by your logic you could hypothetically argue that:
    Orthodox Rock Band Blue Fringe= pornography
    I think I will ask them to be more considerate of their religious fans and stop being attractive and male.
    But hey! Let’s start censoring ourselves. Kelsey, you take down that Less Nessman show thing. Naomi Less=pornography.
    ohhhhh……she’s gonna kill me for that one.

  4. I am soooo tired of Sarah Silverman. She is not being funny everywhere. I never thought she was funny, and now she is trying to gravy train off Jimmy Kimmel. When that does not work she tried to make it on her looks. She IS very pretty, but she gives Jewish girls a less than lovely rep. No thanks I will pass.

  5. You may not think Sarah Silverman is funny. But:
    She is funnier than Jimmy Kimmel, and has in no way made her career off of him. In her world, she is considered a comic’s comic, and her humor is loved and respected by that entire establishment. She wasn’t in the Aristocrats because she’s good looking; she was in it (and stole the show) because she knows how good comedy works.
    I can’t believe a woman would be accusing her of trying to get by on her looks. Are you aware of how hard it is for a woman to make it in comedy? And if she’s good looking, that tends to be all anyone ever notices? Believe me, I know; my girlfriend is a standup. Early in our relationship, she almost felt the need to hide the fact that she had a boyfriend, because all of the male comics treated her differently when they thought she was single.
    Sarah Silverman has gotten to where she is by working her ass off, pretty or not.

  6. Ummm, Sarah Silverman is brilliant. Have you all not seen or heard her comedy??
    Anywho, if anyone is in Baltimore, we are having the lest interesting and less cooly-named “Harbor Hora” in argument against the frickin Matzo Ball. Come, join us for cheap drinks and cheaper jews… check us out at jcc.org/club2239

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