Sharon Suffers Minor Stroke

JPost reports,

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to the Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in southern Jerusalem at 7:50 p.m. Sunday evening.
The prime minister, who will be 78 in February, suffered a light stroke and was taken directly to the VIP section of the hospital’s trauma room. The senior medical staff of the hospital was called in to treat him. Neurologists on staff were already treating him.
A press conference has been called by the hospital for approximately 9 p.m.
Hospital deputy director Professor Shmuel Shapira said the prime minister was conscious and was undergoing tests. He said that Sharon’s condition was stable, and that it was too early to know exactly what happened to him. Shapira would not discuss Sharon’s condition further, saying the prime minister had a right to medical privacy.

Here’s wishing a refuah shalayma (speedy recovery) to “the bulldozer.”
State media: “Sharon called his son at 7:50 p.m. (11:50 a.m. ET) and told him he was not feeling well. His convoy turned around and took him to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. Sharon never lost consciousness, hospital spokesman Ron Krumer said.”
Arutz Sheva: “Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has regained consciousness after blacking out in his office while meeting with Vice-Prime Minister Shimon Peres. He was transported in a stretcher to a vehicle, where he was transported to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital’s Trauma Unit.” A7’s Ezra HaLevi informs me, “It was reported on Army Radio, but later reports had Sharon driving toward Jerusalem when he talked to his son who insisted he head to Hadassah (as he drove past Abu Ghosh). It appears that Sharon’s last meeting was indeed with Peres, but that he did not necessarily black out during it or even complain of not feeling well yet.”
According to ynet, Israeli politicans are seizing upon the opportunity to thrash the guy, saying he should step down. Palestinians are celebrating, passing out candy. CNN reported that Abbas called to wish him well.
MRIs allegedly show he’s fine.

16 thoughts on “Sharon Suffers Minor Stroke

  1. Whatever feelings you might have towards the guy, I’m excited to see what he does with Kadimah. It’d be a damn shame if he doesn’t get the chance to prove his critics wrong. B’hatzlacha Arik!
    YOu SEEM tO BE COntrAdicTING Yourself

  2. check ynet – they had a blurb about the women at an israeli security prison that started singing and dancing when hey heared the news.

  3. Ucch…
    One major value of the Jewish people is not cheering when our enemy falls (except for Amalek, but that’s another story). I think that we should expect the same from others as well. Kudos to Mahmoud Abbas for being a mensch and wishing a refuah shalayma to PM Sharon.
    I expect someone to rebutt me. I mean, we were not exactly in avelut when Arafat yemach shemo died, but we weren’t holding mass celebrations either.

  4. Not infrequently, minor strokes may lead to major ones. Nonetheless, the human body & spirit continue to be a mystery, and Sharon may, indeed, move forward (hey, Dick Cheney has had several bypasses, stents, angioplasties, and aneurysms, and his doctor still won’t give him a note to leave the vicepresidency).

  5. nonetheless, his health will probably become somewhat of an issue in the election, even if it’s used in a very cynical way by people on both sides…
    no doubt Sharon is under a lot of stress the past couple of years with the disengagement, kern investigation, his son being indicted, and now elections…but he could also stand to lose some weight…
    I think because many, including him, see Israel being at such a critical point right now and in the next few years, that he’ll continue until he is fully unable to do so…any other situation, he”d probably retire

  6. I took this off another blog.
    Israeli media concealing the truth
    Posted: 19/12/05 3:54
    ———————– ———————– ———————– ———–
    It seems Israeli media is trying to hide the true damage that Sharon suffers. I have read things in numerous places on the net, and it seems that the media isn’t telling the truth (not like this is a shock), or at least not the whole truth.
    For example:
    The doctors reported that Sharon did not lose consciousness while in their treatment.
    Reuters reports that Sharon did lose consciousness, while he was in the treatment of medics.
    Israeli media first reported that Sharon will exit the hospital as soon as tomorrow morning. Later, they said it’ll be 24 hours, and later 48 hours.
    Reuters reports that Sharon is expected to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days (72-96 hours), which shows the severity of the stroke.
    Also, I read somewhere that Channel 2 reported that a part of Sharon’s face is paralized. The source for this was “reliable” (does this mean that the other sources are not)
    A medic said that according to the description given by the media earlier, Sharon suffers from a CVA stroke, which is severe and not TIA stroke which is less severe. Afterwards, when the media began to hide information, and change some of it, he said that the new description is actually a TIA (less severe), yet Reuters still reports this is a CVA stroke.
    Well, this IS the middle east, we can’t expect to hear the truth here. On the night when Rabin died, reports from the hospital said that Rabin is alright. And when Arafat died – it took them about a few weeks to admit it.
    I don’t think Sharon died, but his situation is much worse IMO and according to other proffesional opinions that I read. Israeli media is pro-leftist and don’t want to hurt Sharon’s party (that changed the whole poplitical map to be a leftist map, according to polls).
    Anyway, these kinds of things cannot be hidden for long. In a few days we’ll all know if Sharon can be a PM or not, a question that seems to have great importance…

  7. Matt,
    the thing about not cheering when an enemy falls is:
    A) primarily dealing with a Jewish adversary,
    B) primarily dealing with a non-violent encounter.
    As for celebrating the downfall of enemies, we do it everyday and with several holidays too.
    – as yashir moshe in shachrit prayers – one giant song cheering the drowning of the egyptians,
    – hanukah, we kicked Greek butt, as well as massacred many Jewish followers of Greek culture,
    – purim, haman and his sons and hundreds of other folks.
    I think that we discussed this way back when we rammed a hellfire missile up Sheik Yassin’s intake. There’s a pasuk saying that we revel in the downfall of our enemies, not just amalek.
    I don’t like this evil Sharon very much, but I’m not cheering about this, or going to say that Rav Ovadia’s curse from a few months ago finally set in. Only in the next few days we’ll see if Sharon still has some of his nine lives left. I’d prefer that he do tshuva and start leading us forward rather than more retreats, but if this is the way he says goodbye from ther political scene, then sayanora.

  8. But in the Gaza Strip, some Palestinians fired rifles in the air and handed out sweets in celebration, shouting “Death to Sharon”. Some ultra-rightist Jews, who feel Sharon betrayed the settlement cause, also prayed that he would die.
    (reporting by Ori Lewis, Allyn Fisher-Ilan and Jonathan Saul in Jerusalem, Wafa Amr in Ramallah, Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza)
    from: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php
    In lieu of the Jewish commandments aired in this forum, I think I can call that sinking LOWER than your enemies – without it being L’shon ha’rah. I personally feel they are an embarrasment to all Jewish people.

  9. As for celebrating the downfall of enemies, we do it everyday and with several holidays too. – as yashir moshe in shachrit prayers – one giant song cheering the drowning of the egyptians.
    Tell me again, why do we take drops of wine out of our cups on Pesach? Isn’t there a midrash that contradicts what you just said?

  10. A TIA is a trans ischemic attack, which only lasts up to 24 hours. A CVA is a cerebral vascular attack, whose symptoms persist longer than 24 hours. If Sharon’s stroke were caused by an embolism (clot), he should be on anticoagulant therapy, which during the immediate period requires frequent monitoring of coagulation levels.
    He may, indeed, be symptom – free at this point, but if he has been started on anticoagulants, he needs to be monitored, which doesn’t mean that the stroke is necessarily worse than reported.

  11. The best I can come up for is I hope for Sharon to have a speedy retirement
    It reminds me of when the Soviet premiers kept dying, and the Soviet government would always lie for several days and claim he was OK, just resting a bit, then after a few days they gave up the charade and admitted they were actually dead
    If Sharon really had a minor stroke then they would have had him appear on TV and say “Hey I’m here, I’ll be back soon” but since that hasn’t happened I’m convinced that he’s either really screwed up (paralyzed on one side) or maybe even hanging on to life by a thread
    If he doesn’t make it, or if he doesn’t get well enough to work again then I think Kadima is finished, and it will be like the Vichy extension of the Labor party

  12. If anything happens to Sharon, Kadima would probably break up and everyone go back to their pig sties. Watching the news on the net last night, Israel Channel 10 kept refering repeatedly to Kadima as a one man party. The traitors will be welcomed home with open arms (since most of their supporters in their respective parties never left in the first place). Except for Mofaz, he screwed up big time by jumping ship before he was even a real likudnik and should just go into the private sector.
    That unfortunately is Israeli secular politics – no honour.

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