Multifaith Mishegaas

  • Evangelical ex-stripper visits her former haunts, pays for lap dances … so she can teach the dancers about God.
  • Another South Park episode, another religious uproar.
  • A Scottish TV reporter takes the “walk a mile in another man’s shoes” phrase a little too far.
  • TV’s Aryan sisterhood.
  • First, intelligent design. Now, exorcisms are coming to a school near you.

4 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. I don’t know which is more demeaning…grinding up against someone for money, or listening to a missionary for money…I’d have to say they’re in the same ballpark.
    South Park is controversial? They’ve obviously never watched Drawn Together…or if you really want to be offended, Wonder Showzen.

  2. yeah, well that episode of SP was rather gross, but it was also funny.
    Anyone catch the Colbert Report last night? The idiot who did the Israeli antisemite cartoon contest had his beitzim handed to him by Mr. Truthiness. It was pretty funny, too.

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