Mussolini’s Son Says Pops Liked Heebs

Romano Mussolini, son of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini and author of the forthcoming Il Duce, My Father, defends his father’s legacy regarding his collaboration with Adolph Hitler’s regime during WWII.

The 1938 anti-Semitic race laws were “not in the Italians’ nature, nor in my father’s”, he told Il Giornale. “We had many Jewish friends. My elder brother, Vittorio, protested violently.”

Yeah… Tell that to that 8,000 Italian Jews who went up the chimney at Auschwitz.

4 thoughts on “Mussolini’s Son Says Pops Liked Heebs

  1. Mobius, if you’d read the second link you’d have spotted that those 8,000 Jews were only murdered after Italy collapsed and Germany invaded. Around 3/4 of Italian Jews survived the war, compared to less than 1/6 of the Dutch, Greeks or Poles.
    Michelle, I recommend looking up Margherita Sarfatti (and maybe Zeev Jabotinsky too).

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