Nazi Filmmaker Honored At Oscars

Being that I don’t have television reception nor cable up here in Ithaca (where I’ve recently moved), not to mention the fact that I detest such award shows, I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. However, perusing LGF, it’s just come to my attention that the Academy gave a shoutout to Nazi film propagandist Leni Riefensthal during their “In Memoriam” presentation, recapping those “great filmmakers” who died this past year. Utterly sickening.

8 thoughts on “Nazi Filmmaker Honored At Oscars

  1. You know, I didn’t see the Oscars either, but I think you may be going too far. Her propaganda films were well-done and years advanced. She wasn’t a Nazi, but pressed by them, as many of her colleagues in other fields, such as Science.
    It would be a disservice to not mention her, but I would prefer some good anti-Nazi intorduction.

  2. Ultra, I disagree that she was “pressed” by the Nazi’s into making films. I saw her in an interview where she admitted that she admired Hitler and found him to be, in her words, a “charismatic” man. Her talent is undeniable, but it was placed in the service of evil, and to honor that in any way is horrendous.

  3. she was a genius, revolutionary filmmaker. there is no question about that.
    the content of her early films, her backers, her audience and the society she lived in may have been completely messed up, but she was still an incredible filmmaker.

  4. “Ultra, I disagree that she was “pressed” by the Nazi’s into making films.”
    May I refer you to the documentary “The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Reifenstahl” where she was personally interviewed. Note the sections where the interviewer tries to question her about the accounts of her romantic relationship with Goebels in his personal diaries. Or, just note her reactions whenever she is presented with evidence that she personally linked herself to the Nazi party.
    She was a Nazi, acquitted or not. The real irony is that when I mentioned this in one of my film classes, my professor felt she deserved the honor, while he felt that Elia Kazan didn’t deserve his honorary Oscar a few years ago, because he participated in blacklisting in the 1950s.
    So, in other words: Acquitted Nazi ranks higher than Coerced Jew Trying to Live Through Anti-Semitism.
    At least only one person applauded Riefenstahl.

  5. Interesting that when people think the Jews control Hollywood, the jewish run Hollywood gives her a namecheck.

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