Stress of being a ‘goylfriend’ tough to bear

Goylfriend. I coined the term sophomore year, and although Webster isn’t adopting it, I like seeing it in print. It reminds me that nothing abates tension like humor.

Headline: Irish Catholic girl dates Jewish boy, 2002. Hardly the stuff wars are made of, right? OK, bad example. But a glance at the Sunday New York Times wedding announcements tells me any society I want to be part of thinks it’s just fine. White marries black, Christian marries Jew, man “marries” man.

Just fine, my ass.

Uh…interesting sentiments from a bitter shikse in The Daily Northwestern. ;P

4 thoughts on “Stress of being a ‘goylfriend’ tough to bear

  1. There is nothing wrong in White marrying Black. The prohibition on Jews marrying out has nothing to do with race. We are not a race, remember? The prohibition is for ideological reasons. You marry someone who sacrifices people to a piece of stone and over time those ideas rub off on you. By the way, there are White Jews and there are Black Jews and it’s perfectly fine for them to marry each other.

  2. “You marry someone who sacrifices people to a piece of stone and over time those ideas rub off on you.”
    please don’t refer to jews that way! afterall, abraham was about to do it, but he changed his mind, and instead just decided to go with a lesser form of human sacrifice, and mutilatingly robbed his son of his sexual sensation and humanity, and give that to the stone instead. Ok.
    Having an anatomically correct penis! Don’t knock it till you try it! (oops that’s right you can’t!, sorry, at least your potential children have a chance to be fully human if you don’t circumcise them (swallow your pride)) If your father cur off your arm after birth, does that mean you have to do the same thing to your own son. Why is it any different?
    (who exactly are you referring to anyway, BESIDES Abraham and all the middle eastern people (jews and arabs) that supposedly were descendants of abraham who came after him.)
    “We are not a race, remember?”
    Jew = from judah = race/nationality, that is where the word came from, a person from the southern kingdom of judah
    Remember? Remember what? whose talking points ever said that? Certainly not Israel and certainly not their immigration policies.

  3. You marry someone who sacrifices people to a piece of stone and over time those ideas rub off on you
    do you know anyone who does that? Your certainly right. Don’t marry them! call the police!
    jews need more charisma.
    You marry someone who murders people for performing any activity on a saturday and is historically prone to becoming enslaved by AFRICANS, sexually mutilated by them, and then doing the same to their kids because they can’t stand the thought of their sons outperforming the fathers.

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