Nazis Love Jewschool

Well, it was bound to happen. A white power Nazi hate site has discovered Jewschool and is beginning to rack up points in our referral log. Traffic is being directed from this page, which in the midst of its racist tripe and drivel, reads,

Subject: threnody of the tweezermani, a rotten little tribe just east of the midomar

Here an izzy dawg who be kickin’ it wit his own “blog” and – YO – invitin’ y’all to stop by and give up some shaloms, homes


I’d be concerned but the material on their site is so comical I find it hard to stop laughing long enough to be appalled. Their movie reviews, for example, are a riot. Who needs to watch Dave Chappelle parody these idiots when they do a good enough job making themselves look ridiculous?

Anyhow, lemme offer a few words I’m sure these folks are familiar with, perhaps having offered them themselves at one time or another: “Your kind ain’t welcome round these parts.” Now goin’ git back to yer trailer before yer sister misses ya. If you’re fightin’ a racewar I think you lost already, shitheads.

Say, anyone from the Internet Haganah wanna do me a little favor?

5 thoughts on “Nazis Love Jewschool

  1. This moron has also visited my Israellycool blog and deposited his words of wisdom. And I have noticed his generic comments on some other pro-Israel/Jewish sites.

  2. Thanks for the link, spent more time reading this site than any other today. Know your enemy, It’s nice to know I have a response to most of his words. It is those arguments/comment that I have no response to that drive me to learn more.

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