New Age New Year

“While the masses flock to urban nightspots, those in the know will celebrate ‘Sylvester’ or New Year’s eve, at dozens of alternative theme parties throughout the country, ranging from peace meditations to a three-day rave at a secret desert location.

“It appears that today’s young Israelis – especially those who have traveled in the Far East – crave more than hedonistic, smoke-filled discotheques can offer, and ‘meditation parties’ are gaining in popularity. Although many are commercial enterprises, you won’t find them advertised in the mainstream media; those who know about them are just supposed to know.”

4 thoughts on “New Age New Year

  1. Because the Gregorian calendar specifically began on Jan 1st in order to commemorate Jesus’ bris and consequently the establishment of Christianity and downfall of Judaism, the Israeli government instead decided to call it Sylvester after the “saint” who decreed many decrees against the Jews including that it was forbidden for a Jew to live in Jerusalem.

  2. hate to break it to you bnut jewsus was not born on the 24th (ohr lichaof daled ) more around succos time… so the 1st has nothing to do with the bris of the mamzer

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