New details on Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

As I said yesterday, there will be Kol Nidrei at Zuccotti Park among the Occupy Wall Street folks tomorrow night. By way of an update on the logistics, here is a message that went out to everyone who has RSVPed to the Facebook event (all links and strikethroughs inserted by me):

Thank you for joining us for Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

Friday night, Oct 7 @7PM
Zuccotti Park (Broadway & Liberty St.)
Exact location TBA
Look for signs

For your convenience, some notes:

It will be a traditional egalitarian service (Hebrew language with some English readings and an unseparated mixed-gender community, with both men & women leading prayers).

Our wonderful volunteer leaders are Avi Fox Rosen (Storahtelling), Sarah Wolf (JTS), and Getzel Davis (Hebrew College), who are being assisted in preparations by Yosef Goldman (JTS) and Rabbi Ezra Weinberg (RRC). Affiliation is for identification purposes only.

If possible, please bring your own Yom Kippur machzor. If you do not have a machzor, we will have ~100, graciously loaned to us by The Rabbinical Assembly for Conservative Judaism. If you prefer, you can download and print this PDF: http://d.1ski.me/3V2m263m460P1m0R3l0K. Save some trees by printing two-up, double sided. It is an Orthodox translation, as that was the only free one available online.

We could still use help getting a Torah and perhaps a folding card table to put it on.

No pre-fast meal is officially planned, but feel free to coordinate with others in the comments on the event.

No Saturday services are planned. If you will be in the area of Lower Manhattan, you are welcome to attend services at Battery Park Synagogue. Otherwise, CBST has welcomed all participants to join them for services at the Javitz Convention Center. There are also free services at the Brooklyn Lycaeum in Park Slope.

Expect another update that will repeat much of this information.

G’mar chatimah tova!

A Torah has been secured, though I believe there is still a need for a folding table.
Someone I have just met on Facebook called Nomi Raye is trying to coordinate a pre-fast meal that sounds like it will involved trying to bring a bus down near the park and cooking vegan food in it. She’s looking for help coordinating that.
Another option (a better one, in my opinion) for printing out a service booklet for yourself is the PDF of the Kol Nidrei service from the new Conservative machzor available over here.
Leave a comment on the post if you’re coming! I’ll be wearing a big boring white and black talit and the jacket I’m wearing in the picture below.

However, I will not be wearing that sweater and my hair is a little shorter. And I will not have that odd green device with me.

2 thoughts on “New details on Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

  1. I’m really floored that so many people seem to be going out of their way to go to this. The website has paragraphs about being sensitive to those who don’t want to use electricity/be photographed/etc on YK, and yet it’s starting Kol Nidrei 30 minutes after it is forbidden from being recited. And from the other perspectove, the organizer is explicitly forbidding a cello from being used when that is the hallmark of Kol Nidrei services in many (most?) American Kol Nidrei services.

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