Price tag settler mob caught on film

In the period of self-reflection, I nonetheless feel obligated to share ugly events beyond our individual soul-searching. Last Friday, Israeli police stood by as a mob from the settlement of Anatot attacked nearby Palestinian residents and Israeli activists. The settlers were caught on film as they bludgeoned, threw stones, and even attempted stabbing while chanting “Death to Arabs! Death to leftists!” Not a single rioter was arrested. The case seems even worse, as Anatot was founded as a home for police and Civil Administration employees working in the territories; the rioters were the police. Full details on the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity site.

3 thoughts on “Price tag settler mob caught on film

  1. When I first heard about this story, I assumed that the settlers were religious. But no, these are skinheads, real Nazis. Thanks for posting the clip.

  2. As a Jew living over the green line, I equivocally condemn all of racism, arson, vandalism, and vigilante violence. Those perpetrating such acts do not represent me or any of the people I know in my community. Shana Tova to you all.

  3. Sadly this post about the incident at Anatot is disingenuous. Why? It states that Palestinian and Israeli activists were attacked by a mob of settlers. What is sad, is that this is only part of the story. In fact the collection of Israeli “activists” and Palestinians had actually attacked the settlements fields and archaeological site. They painted graffiti on the rocks and then went to the entrance to the settlement seeking to break through the gate. Now I wonder what any of you would have done if this mob was at your door? It does not matter what one thinks of settlements and settlers, but it is important when sharing information to tell the whole story, and not serve up some questionable information which is purely agenda driven. You only serve to muddy the waters.

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