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If you haven’t already seen Radical Torah, what, pray tell, are you waiting for? Radical Torah presents the weekly Torah portion (as well as commentaries on holidays, rituals and various concepts in Judaism) through the lens of progressive spiritual and political viewpoints.
Contributors include Rachel Barenblat (Author Velveteen Rabbi, Rab. Student ALEPH), Rabbi Jill Hammer (Tel Shemesh), Rabbi Michael Lerner (Tikkun), Rabbi David Rosenn (Avodah), Danya Ruttenberg (Rab. Student University of Judaism, Yentl’s Revenge), Rabbi David Seidenberg (COEJL, Neohasid.org), Rabbi Alana Suskin (Jews United for Justice, Rabbis for Human Rights NA),
Rabbi Arthur Waskow (The Shalom Center) and more!
The site’s about to break 2,000 visitors and it’s only been up and running for two weeks! Stop on by!


Earlier this week, we also relaunched the Corner Prophets website, which is now (among other things) dedicated to blogging about the Israeli hip-hop scene in English. Find out about events, get the latest news about Israeli hip-hop artists, hear new releases, watch music videos, peep the freshest street art and more, at CornerProphets.com.

2 thoughts on “New from the Creators of Jewschool

  1. Seems like a great idea. Particularly if it engages dialogue between people not ordinarily part of the same conversations.
    I know that criticism is never well-taken but, well, when you have a chance a less classicaly Christian banner would be great. Between the human depictions of angels and the Gothic script, I don’t know, associating the iconography with the Torah gives me the willies.

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