5 thoughts on “New Homeland Security nominee has some Rabbi in him

  1. Robert Lederman says he’s another Giuliani stooge:
    “Newsday, Houston Chronicle and Boston Globe note the real story on Chertoff…He’s the 2nd Giuliani protégé in a row for top security post. […] That Bush picked a second Giuliani flunkie is a story no one has yet dared to really explore the implications of in depth. Chertoff may be a great person and a brilliant lawyer but this appointment stinks as bad or worse than Kerik’s, and all roads lead directly to Giuliani Partners. After being Mayor, Giuliani was representing numerous corporate clients that Chertoff was investigating, none of whom ended up getting indicted despite committing massive white collar crimes. Did you know that Chase Bank and Alliance Capital Management, CEO’d by the chairman of the Manhaattan Institute, were the financial backers for Enron?”
    Houston Chronicle
    “One of the few things the scholarly Chertoff has in common with Kerik, a burly career cop, is that both men were protégés of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.”

  2. I must admit that I had never heard of Chertoff til yesterday when Bush announced his appointment to the Homeland Security post. When his name was announced, I did the typical Jewish thing and thought, “Chertoff, sounds like Chernoff from the old neighborhood…Wonder if he’s a member of the tribe (MOT)?) Thanks for answering the question.
    BTW, I saw him last night on CSPAN from last April. He seemed well-versed in combatting terrorism, especially from a legal point of view, rather than from a security, counter-intelligence, even military angle. The man seems to live and breathe security.
    Good choice and a landsman to boot!!

  3. hey john, did you know that guiliani is a member of the trilateral commission? and that his first cousin was the judge who dismissed the case against john phelps, the 2nd assistant vp at empire savings and loan in san bernardino? and that empire savings has major deposits at citybank? and citybank is a major contributor to the trilateral commission. bastards, all one big conspiracy to screw us little people!

  4. Yes, Chertoff is Jewish. He also was behind the more-or-less random round-up of Muslim “material witnesses” following 9/11. If there is any scenario where the act of holding hundreds of people for months without access to an attorney could be defensible, it would be one that led to the identification of some actual material witnesses, but Chertoff’s sweep resulted in no such thing: http://tinylink.com/?eYyd7uUGVN

  5. Hi Ben Regenspan. I tried to write a comment yesterday about Chertoff not being the most menschadik (spelling?) fellow around, but it didn’t come out politely enough to post. So thanks for doing what I didn’t/couldn’t.

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