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Leslie Bunder, who already does a radio show in the UK and is a major force behind “somethingjewish.com” announces to the Jewish-Music list:

If anyone has a Jewish music blog, then you may like to submit it to a new site we have just put into beta – JewishBlogging.com
We already have a couple of Jewish music blogs indexed, but are there any we are missing? [He already lists the KlezmerShack and Jew*School and the Jewish Music WebCenter. There are more needed? ari] JewishBlogging.com is from SomethingJewish and offers all bloggers the opportunity to get their blog indexed.
And if you know other Jewish blogs who should be featured, then let me know.

7 thoughts on “New Jewish Blog aggregator

  1. They dont link back to the actual site…there’s serious copyright infringement going on for anyone who’s on their list. I’d stay away until they work that out.

  2. I’d have to argue with their description as ‘the premier destination for showcasing Jewish blogs.’
    My site http://www.jrants.com/ , which has been up for over a year, has been indexing a few hundred more Jewish blogs then their site seems to be doing.
    The fact that they barely allow you to visit the blogs themselves, and understanding that the group behind the site pays JDate to run their dating sites begs me to question their motives.

  3. In response to Watchdog: first of all, we link back to the sites concerned and indeed the entry that is featured. what do you think the “read more” link is for? Maybe you should have some balls and actually say who you are? Hidden agenda going on?
    Before making any allegations, I think you need to understand what RSS feeds are set up for by bloggers. They are set up for distribution of information. We are not using any more or any less of what the RSS feed is provided.
    And in response to the owner of Jrants posting: what are your motives? Before questioning others and trying to start some loshen hora, maybe you should ask yourself some questions.
    I wont’ bother questioning who or what you are doing other than, no one person has any control over the indexing and featuring of Jewish blogs.

  4. Last I checked I’m allowed to comment on the way a site describes itself.
    Uhm, loshen hora? Are you implying that calling someone/something out as a business is loshen hora? Are you implying that saying a project has a business agenda is a form of defamation?
    This is whole thread is silly I will not be replying past this post.
    Do the authors of the blogs you are using a favor and post a link to their sites PROPERLY. It’s the least you could do for them. As it stands your project screams of obvious selfishness – and that is what I initially responded to.

  5. I am writing an article on Jewish blogging in St. Louis. Does anyone know of Jewish bloggers here?

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