The Disengagement Game

Organizers of this Friday’s upcoming “Day Against Occupation and for Democracy” demonstration in Israel have created an online game in which visitors must remove West Bank outposts before they turn into full-fleged settlements.
Ynet reports,

To remove a caravan, the player need only click on it once, but when the caravan turns into house, two clicks are necessary to remove it. The game gets trickier when it comes to removing a settlement guarded by soldiers.
“To get rid of a settlement, you have to drag back the poor soldiers who have to guard it back across the Green Line — to Israel,” the game explains.
The game’s left-wing developers do have their limits, though: Those who toss Israeli soldiers into the sea do not get any points.

Click here to play! (c/o Arieh & Khen)

5 thoughts on “The Disengagement Game

  1. This game is the sickest thing ive seen in a while, do you intend on removing all feelings and compassion for the skae of this plan?

  2. Mobius what do think of a Doom Mod where one replaces the Marine with a settler , and the Zombies and Demons with Leftists and Arabs? Not too nice is it?

  3. sik leftist dogs. expeling jews from their home is a chilul HaShem, but making a game out of it?! sadists.

  4. nasty game, I am not offended, I know “they” hate me. I dont really return the sentiment.

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