New Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Allow me to reiterate Rushkoff’s controversial op-ed, and say “they still don’t get it.”

Do Jewish philanthropies really believe cool-hunting will save Judaism? Sadly, it appears so, as the Bronfman Philanthropy’s latest offering contends: Introducing Israel in the Age of Eminem. Drafted by GOP strategist Frank Luntz, the document features a point by point plan for manipulating Jewish children into becoming Zionists, using the coercive techniques of modern marketing.

Hell, at least Palestinians are overt about their indoctrination. This is like shady-ass tobacco marketing. G*d forbid you should inspire children to love yiddishkeit by being truly righteous tzaddikkim and awakening a pure love of Hashem in them…Better to trick them into defending Israel, no matter the circumstance. Oy.

6 thoughts on “New Protocols of the Elders of Zion

  1. I cannot emphasize how much I agree with your last point. I remember my own Reform Jewish education and in retrospect, it comes off like one big chant “AM YISRAEL CHAI!” Instead of trying to hone in on the interest I showed in prayer and song, it was one non-stop blare “NEVER AGAIN!” (Holocaust) and “LONG LIVE ISRAEL.” After the Bar Mitzvah, nothing nada zip.
    I taught sixth graders last year in a Chicago suburban Reform congregation and these kids are HUNGERING for ruach and neshama-inspired education. Not just the usual tripe about Israel, JUF, the Holocaust, and their Bar Mitzvah. When I would re-tell Shlomo Carlebach stories or teach niggunim, these kids went ga-ga and only wanted more.
    Sadly, as their interest drops after their Bar/Bat Mitzvah (because, really, that’s all the parents want anyway), they’ll be dropped like old hat … or prepped for their first trip to Israel to work the kibbutz. All matters of spirit go down the tubes as well.

  2. Beyond the children, I believe my parents are of the latest victims of this Zionist rhetoric. Although they seem to be handling it well and providing well for the Zionist movement, I fear for their souls.
    Any advice and/or resources to train adults in Judaism and mark the difference between pure support for Israel and spiritual Judaism?

  3. My concern is not directed towards anyone who might hit this site, for in fact they don’t have internet access.
    I was hoping that there are articles out there that speak of support of Israel tied to Judaism, rather than Zionism for Zionists.

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