A New Webseries: Ac’tiv•ist Episode #1: Change of Theory

Jewschool is proud to launch Ac’tiv•ist, a brand new webseries written by Josh Wofsun and produced by Josh Wolfsun, Alaa Abuadaas, Amelia Dornbush and a bunch of other folks. More info about the show here. Enjoy the first episode, and tell us what you think in the comments
Aspiring student organizer Samantha Rushbad grapples with the simultaneously inspiring, mind-numbingly banal, infuriatingly stupid, and downright absurd nature of campus activism as she starts a campaign to force her college to divest from Israel. As Sam steps ever-further into the labrynthine world of activism, she must also deal with her mother, love interest, teachers, and friends who fail to understand her activist life.
In the pilot episode, aspiring student organizer Samantha Rushbad tries to launch a campaign on her campus to end the Israeli occupation.

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