New Yorkers Commemorate 3rd Yahrzeit of WTC Attack Victims

Our friend Dovi Scheiner at The World Tikkun Center writes,

Last night [Sept. 9], we hosted a special Yahrzeit memorial at the Millennium Hilton Hotel overlooking ground zero. It was a private gathering for 150 relatives of victims, members of the community we have started in Lower Manhattan, and numerous dignitaries, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Michael Arad, the Israeli architect who was chosen to build the memorial at Ground Zero, attended, lit red, white, and blue Yahrzeit candles at the beginning of the program, and was very moved by the evening, writing us afterward “It is so rare for Jews of different beliefs to come together, and I found it wonderful that out of tragedy, moments of peace and understanding can emerge. Yeshar koach and shana tova.”

The event was planned in conjunction with City Hall, which recognized the importance of having a memorial on the Hebrew Yahrzeit of the attacks, Chav Gimmel Elul, especially this year, when September 11 is on a Shabbat.

Photos from the event can be seen here. And here’s coverage in The NY Post.

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