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NewGround, a joint venture between the Progressive Jewish Alliance and the Muslim Public Affairs Council is accepting applications for their new fellowship cohorts in LA and the Bay area. This is not dialogue that ignores or minimizes differences so that we can all get along, but an opportunity to explore your relationship to your own identity and tradition while building bridges across communities.
Their official shpeil is after the break.
NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change is recruiting 2010 fellows in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles!
We believe that social change takes place when people have the training, confidence, skills and experience to transform inclination into action.
NewGround creates opportunities for Muslims and Jews of all backgrounds to build honest, authentic relationships with one another, to establish a common commitment to partnership, and to become a new cadre of leaders who inspire hope in a troubled world. Our goal is to present programs that are informative, reflective, and ultimately transformative.

The NewGround Fellowship Program
provides Muslim and Jewish young professionals with structured dialogue, in-depth education sessions with local community leaders, expertly facilitated skills-building workshops, and collaborative civic engagement opportunities. Through this intensive process, fellows emerge with the skills and commitment to engage in authentic conversation, to build deep partnership, and to establish a new code of conduct for our two communities. As one of our alumni says, “the NewGround Fellowship is fundamentally about exploring what it means to be Muslim and Jewish in America today. Fellows get to know one another by grappling with questions of faith, gender, diversity, and personal perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
NewGround’s model of Muslim-Jewish engagement taps into the positive potential of Muslim-Jewish relationships all around the country. Our model has proven that change is possible, even for two peoples who have learned far too well to fear one another. Together, NewGround’s participants are creating a brighter future for all communities, for today’s movements for social change, and for the world in which we live.
In Los Angeles, NewGround is a Joint Project of Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). In the Bay Area NewGround is in association with the Arab Cultural and Community Center (ACCC), Islamic Networks Group (ING) and Islamic Center of Northern California.
NewGround: A Muslim Jewish Partnership for Change originated in Los Angeles in 2006 as a partnership of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Progressive Jewish Alliance. Due to differences in regions, PJA works with other Muslim organizations when appropriate.

Check out NewGround’s website for more detailed information and listen to NewGround on National Public Media’s Speaking of Faith.

3 thoughts on “NewGround

  1. I would prefer to first close the doors to mass immigration, and then have all the dialogue we want until we are all blue in the face…but such views are taboo even for consideration in the reactive post-war community that is insistent in viewing all policies and potential strategies through the hyper-reactive and myopic lens of Holocaust and anti-semitic legislation.

  2. >>“Our model has proven that change is possible…”
    What model? What “change”? What “code of conduct”? This is simply about Jewish leftists “engaging” with Muslims and talking (“grappling”) about their joint desire to implement leftist policy. What’s new there? It happens all over the world.

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