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The Insider’s Guide to Hanukkah Gift-Giving

Know what women really want this holiday season? Neither does CBS:

The flame-up menorah at the end is a nice touch. But most impressive is how this holiday-time PSA was ever cleared for a general audience. Clearly only Jewish women suffer from cervical cancer.
But wait: apparently Christian women are also in jeopardy:

And lest you think this is some gag, rest assured it is not.  The next step, naturally, is to floor her on her birthday with a root canal and/or a colonoscopy.
Well now you can surprise that favourite female in your life with a deeply [ahem] meaningful gift.
You’re welcome.

12 thoughts on “The Insider’s Guide to Hanukkah Gift-Giving

  1. Oh yes, ’cause my husband tots knows more about my health than I do. I’m just a lady, with a simple lady mind. Thanks, honey!
    Here, let me schedule your prostate exam for you. Won’t that just light your menorah?

  2. A few of my gifts in the past haven’t been exactly what my wife wanted. One or two might have even been bad. But at least I can rest easy knowing that I’m a much better gift-shopper than someone who would think “Hey, for Chanukah I’ll get my wife a ‘pap schmear’ appointment! She’ll love it!!!” I wonder how many couch-nights a gift like that warrants? Or does that send the spouse straight to sleeping in the bathtub (with dripping faucet on forehead)? 😉

  3. At the end of the day, we just have to acknowledge that, however it happened, we’ve developed a pretty fun holiday
    At least for me, this rings a lot better/truer than talking about giving presents because the Maccabees won a civil war, and pretending that Christmas has nothing to do with how we celebrate Chanukah.

  4. Lest anyone think this was some kind of viral humor something or other, I actually saw the commercial during this week’s How I Met Your Mother! Ick ick ick ick ick.

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