Next, On Madonna

Getting “frummer” by the minute, the thing formerly known as Madonna now refuses to preform unless the stage has been blessed by her Rabbi, Philip Berg of the Kabbalah center.

“He goes out there and chants and does his routine. He blessed Madison Square Garden. He blesses them all.”

Guess that means Berg will be going to alot of concerts. I wonder what blessing he actually says – anybody care to speculate?

14 thoughts on “Next, On Madonna

  1. Boruch shenatati kesef?
    Boruch shelo asani goy?
    Boruch sheasani k’bob jones?
    Boruch who mattir gillui arayos?

  2. Hey, did anyone read the article. Apparently they now have a three way mehkitzah, for men, women, and maddona. Spiritual as she is, she doesn’t want to sit with the public.
    As for the blessing, he probably just goes out there and goes over his grocery list in his head. When they start installing mezuzot on her dressing room…
    I want to know how her fans feel about this. I’ve never really enjoyed her music (except Beautiful Stranger on the Austin Powers 2 sound track) or pop music in general. But I’d think this would detract from the dirty, sex fanatic, make out with Brittany Spears appeal.

  3. the blessing is:
    Bless you our G-d king of the universe for giving us Madonna/Esther and for being such a sucker.

  4. Blessed are you, P.T. Barnum, for you have been proven to be the wisest ever to have lived. Amen.

  5. EMTZAlex- when you said a “three-way” in reference to Madonna I was not expecting the next word to be “mechitza.”
    Maybe I need to be blessed too?!

  6. Isn’t this the same Madonna that screwed a Catholic Jesus (who was black) in the video of the song she sang for Pepsi?????

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