15 thoughts on “Photo Exhibit of Soldiers now Online

  1. abuses? Where what number photo?
    Some Graffiti is all. Some prisoners, but I dont see abuses. no gunbutts in the forehead, no torture, no nothin. Whats up?

  2. hey, this aint MY exhibit. i think the testimonies might include some info about abuse.
    if u want to hear about abuse, ask your friends who are in the army. i hear about it all the time. its not big secret in the army.

  3. I have a lot of friends and family either post-army or currently serving and I’ve never heard about any abuse from them. In fact, one soldier was telling me that when confronted by a young teenager with a Kalashnikov (with intent to kill) he chose to shoot him in the leg. I personally would have terminated the threat permanently.

  4. Of course there is abuse! It’s well documented too. Not in the photos mind you… but it is there. No one has ever claimed the IDF was perfect. But seriously asaf, in the broader context, are you seriously trying to imply that the abuse is systematic and all prevalent? The clear answer to that is no. You have your buddies and I have my buddies too. I hear about abuses of course, but I also hear about the great efforts made to spare civilian casualties. Why don’t you ever talk about that asaf? Surely amongst all your friends, you must know one or two decent soldiers who seek to serve the country in a manner that is honorable? Don’t you have one good thing to say about Israel?? In other news, why are there no Palestinian displays that are critical about the many very well known abuses committed by the PA?
    You look at this display and the accompanying testimony and you see black. I look at it and I see the product of a vibrant and democratic society, where dissenters need not fear for their lives. The debate in Israel is lively and all positions are well represented. I cannot say the same about the other side – sure they speak in a united voice that plays well to the TV cameras, but what does that say about the nature of dissent amongst Palestinians? Certainly, if I were Palestinian, it would be nothing that I would be proud of.
    I am however proud of a state that allows dissenters to freely speak their minds. By the way, the next place these photos will be on display is in the Knesset. Just thought you should know.

  5. I don’t see abuse either.
    Is the whole point of the exhibit that it’s art?
    Sort of like that ‘snow white’ art in Sweden?
    On the other hand, I’ve seen many pictures of Palestinian gunmen surrounded by kids firing on soldiers. But Asaf will never tell us that, just that the Jewish soldiers are bad.

  6. No, but I will ask – who’s the fucking idiot who put those soldiers (and my friends, and potentially me) there? the same idiots who put israel in lebanon.

  7. I saw the exhibit in Tel Aviv a week ago. It’s not supposed to be “documentation of human rights abuses.” That’s not what it is. It’s an exhibit that is, first of all, totally directed at Israeli society (there were no translations for tourists). One of the soldiers involved in putting the exhibit up leads the group of visitors around and explains each picture in the context of the day or week or situation in which it was taken. That’s all. THe point of it is to show both what it’s like to serve in Hebron and what Hebron is like.
    Incidentally I was in Hebron for the past two days and I can honestly say that the settlers there gave me many reasons to dislike them, not the least of which was throwing stones and spitting at the car I was in.

  8. The same idiots who put the Jews in Israel :-/
    It is so arrogant of a certain minority part of the population to decide which parts of Israel are important (Tel Aviv) and which are not (Sderot). I’m sick and tired of reading ‘ordinary’ people get interviewed for the weekend inserts who really think that;
    -the occupation only refers to the territories,
    -if Israel were only Gush Dan, everything would be fine,
    -there is nothing worth dying for,
    -the Supreme court can decide better than the army where to place defensive obstacles,
    -Palestinian Arab rights are more important than Jewish lives.
    When are you going to accept that it is a situation of ‘sach-efes’ or ‘all or nothing’? Either the Jews are here, or they running for sanctuary somewhere else? Either we win, or we lose. There is no 2nd place for us in this tiny land.
    I’m sure most of us are young, so please just do some basic reading about why Lebanon was invaded in the first place, why we stayed for so long, and stop thinking that history only involves the past ten years!
    Actually, you are right. The situation in the North in the 70s and early 80s was perfectly livable for the rest of the country, so why didn’t we move those extremists in metulla and Kiryat8 out instead of endangering our soldiers to secure the border???
    The Palestinians are smarter than you think. Please listen to what they say and not what you want to expect them to say.

  9. Uhm… Civics 101? A nation elects a government. The government appoints people to take care of things like, uh… defense. Said government has to stand for re-election periodically where the electorate decides whether to keep said government or try anew with another government. Yadda, yadda, yadda…
    So, to answer your question, the “fucking idiot” is the government elected by the citizens of the state. It’s not a perfect process perhaps, but do you have an alternative? I mean, short of declaring you King Asaf of Israel? Cuz you’re like not a fucking idiot like everyone else …

  10. They should arrest these Israeli soldiers who made this exhibit and put em behind bars for a long time for committing these grave warcrimes to the poor Palestinian peoples.

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