The Ties That Bind

I just got this advertisment submission for this company called Ancient Ties. “Buh? A tie company advertising on Jewschool?” I ask myself. “What gives?” You know—who wants to advertise ties on a site like ours? So I go check it out, and really, I’m floored. These ties are awesome! Check ’em out. They’re totally swank. I especially dig the helix, but the Biblical Passages collection is really nice too.

3 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind

  1. You know, this is all real nice (didn’t RTFA), But I can’t see/feel it myself. Today, for example, I passed by a black man with his girlfriend and had the old ‘Fucking Jew’ shot at me. This happens about an average of 3 times a week. Seriously, every teenage to early twenties black guy I pass feels the need to say something. I’ve never said/done anything to any them. Explain why I should feel any common bondlovebrotherhoodtolerance towardwith them?

  2. I don’t usually respond to postings, but I have to respond to mhz. Thing about life, is people treat us like shit. People aren’t always nice. Life sucks. Does this mean I stop trying to achieve and strive towards common bonds, love, brotherhood and tolerance with “them” or does it mean that I have to try harder? You’re whole comment makes me think maybe you really need to work on your own racism and feelings of insecurity and intolerance. But then again, who am I? Right? My Rabbi, he tells me that we should never judge anyone with anything other than love. I tell him this is impossible. He tells me it isn’t impossible, it’s just really, really, really hard. But being really, really, really hard should never be a deterent. We as a people have over come a lot. Are we going to now become like everyone else or are we going to try to overcome anti-semitism and racism on every level?

  3. These seders are great. Here in Chicago, Leaders United (a joint venture of the ADL and the Urban League) has been sponsoring a joint seder for 7 years.

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