15 thoughts on “Rabbi Calls For Sharon’s Death

  1. Mob, I ‘like’ how you expose ‘incitement’ with some ‘incitement’ of your own.
    The first time most people heard about ‘rodef’ is the Rabin/Amir story. It was attributed to ‘Rabbis’ labeling of Rabin as rodef even though the media and shabak never found one actual Rabbi that said it, only imaginary Rabbis, agent provocatuers, and people in asylums. The ignorant non-religious Israeli media ran with the story in what is now documented to be a general effort at delegitimization of the right, the religious, and the ‘settlers’ during the Oslo years and never bothered to explain what ‘rodef’ really means and that having one Rabbi call someone a rodef, doesn’t mean he’s inciting to murder, as if all religious/settlers are robots waiting to perform the act.
    This time, the media finally found someone saying rodef, but decided to take it out of context in order to stain the right/religous/settlers once again.
    It isn’t reporting or ‘journalism’ anymore, it’s pure activism.

  2. Yeah! Everyone knows Rabin was actually killed by a vast Left wing conspiracy to cover up the secrests of the JFK assassination, the sinking of the USS Liberty, Israel’s nuclear arsonal, the Roswell landings, Deir Yassin, the Freemasons, and the Mossad creating the AIDS virus.

  3. uh, right velvel. suuuuuuuuuure. i don’t think you can argue that the media doesn’t lean to the right on just about every issue, even in israel.

  4. Yeah, I was watching CNN the other day and they definitely called for the world proletariat to rise up against the capitalist running-dog lackey administration in Iraq, set up by the U.S. bosses. I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s what they said.

  5. it’s hard to argue with biblical jewish law Jews have been arguing with and about Jewish law for centuries and centuries. What are you talking about?

  6. i am with babylonian on this one…but my understanding is that under biblical jewish law, those biblical jewish laws don’t apply. or sumptin like that.

  7. I’m just being opportunistic Grin … ‘kay. If you ever start making sense, give me a shout.

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