2 thoughts on “NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowships

  1. I’d like to congratulate this progressive org for getting the idea that workers should be ‘paid’.
    However I’m bothered by the fact that this program is geared to only Jewish young adults and not anyone else, more particularly Arab young adults.
    Imagine a program that seeks to, for example, reduce discrimination against Arabs, that itself discriminates against Arabs. You don’t have to imagine-here it is.

  2. Woops, I just noticed-while you say this fellowship is for ‘Jewish young adults’ the program website doesn’t mention the term. What gives?
    OTOH reading the NIF website it shows that a person with excellent Hebrew language skills but no Arabic language skills would be acceptable, but someone with excellent Arabic language skills but no Hebrew language skills wouldn’t.
    What a sneaky way to discriminate against Arabs.

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