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  1. this is going around the web for a while. i remember seeing it awhile back.
    whether it is real or not, i always found the signs basically offering philipinese women for sale truly disgusting.

  2. guys the russian prostitute thing has been going on for a long while now (in israel). The prostitution rate is so high in israel. and there are many other problems that the swarm of non jewish russian immigrants have brought along with them to the holy land. ….(pig in supermarkets, intermarriage…,) i have friends in kyrat arbah who live next to all these non jewish russians and they make so many problems for them on shabbos blasting there music, smoking deliberately into their space. and yes unfortuneately there are probably jewish russians contributing to the prostitution as well…. personally i think they have no concept of hakaros hatov and respect for a land that took them in from their exile . and its a major fault of the gov. to have brought in so many ppl in a half assed manner, not checking that they are really jewish or not ( a jewish father is ok, a granfather, some relative) and meanwhile the gov. cant help its own rightful citizens its like misplaced kindess-mercy which is the unlimaate downfall of the jews

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