Fantasy Chanukah Faeries

Bay Area Israeli ex-pat native (d’oh) Teknodiva (a friend by way of Friendster) writes,

I was eating dinner in the Castro when a friend came back from smoking and said I had to “go take a photo of the girls in blue outfits coming down the street”

Upon exiting the dining establishment I noticed a group of cross-dressed men in Channukah-esque decor and I asked if they were the Channukah “Fairies” to which I was told yes and asked if I would like a condom.

Not quite sure their intentions or purpose (other than fun) but suffice to say I was two cocktails deep and got a kick out of it. (And could under no circumstances pass up the photo op).

I think I was so tipsy I screamed out “Every year Santa shits on me, but I knew they’d come, OH! I Knew they’d come!”

What? Ok.

Ironically enough, there are actually eight of ’em there…One for each night of Chanukah. Baffling, indeed.

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