OU Backs Away From Slimey Slaughterer

PETA follows up on the Agriprocessor scandal with a recent press release:

The chief rabbinate of Israel told the Jerusalem Post that meat from the animals in PETA’s video is “not kosher” and said, about animals stumbling and still conscious for minutes after their throats are slit, that “it normally takes 30 seconds to a minute for the cow to lose consciousness if shehita [the cut] is done properly. He did not cut one of the jugular veins, so blood is still flowing. … It looks as though the animal wasn’t slaughtered properly.”

The Orthodox Union, the world’s largest kosher certifier, which had been defending the practices, reversed course yesterday, telling The New York Times (Friday edition), that “the video ‘raises all sorts of questions.'” Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, the OU’s executive vice president, “said he found the procedure ‘especially inhumane’ and ‘generally unacceptable’ but wanted to investigate how regularly it happened.”

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