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Not Lookin' So Hot

  • “World Without Zionism” website proudly exhibits photos of Iranian volunteers preparing to leave from Tehran to join Hezbollah in the field.
  • A Jewish youth center in Sydney was attacked last night, as was a synagogue in New Zealand.
  • Ze’ev Sternhell sums up the disaster.
  • Nathan Gardels interviews Reagan’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski who says “Eventually, if neocon policies continue to be pursued, the United States will be expelled from the region and that will be the beginning of the end for Israel as well.”
  • The War Nerd says Israel is fux0r3d.
  • Former IMF chief and Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fisher says “It is obvious that we will not achieve our objectives in this war.”
  • And just in case you were in the camp that says Israel provoked all of this with its recent incursion into Gaza, this New Yorker article from 2002 shows that Hezbollah has been planning this for quite some time.

20 thoughts on “Not Lookin' So Hot

  1. I’m not too worried. After all, if internet existed 2000 years ago you would be writing the same thing more or less. Sure some people might get killed in the short term and it might get a bit uncomfortable in Haifa, but long term it’s your enemies who are “fux0r3d”.
    Learn from your history Mobius. Be a little bit more optimistic.

  2. i have learned from my history, friend…
    sinat chinam tears the jewish people to pieces. our enemies triumph over us.
    it’s happened again and again and again and again…
    tanakh says if we reenter the land w/o righteousness then we shall be exiled again. i suspect you’ve never lived in israel. but there are few righteous people here.

  3. “i suspect you’ve never lived in israel. but there are few righteous people here.”
    That’ll change. Unfortunately you’re not too keen on getting your hands dirty. Throwing out the previous population out of Israel is also a commandment. In respect to which the Torah claims you will no have peace in your land until you do so.
    Since only “extremists” are willing to do so I see no hope for peace in the short term either.

  4. FM (yeah, right), why don’t you make aliyah, and immediately join the army?
    Everyone who’s read the 1996 ‘Clean Break’ doctrine, raise your hand [ ] . The chickenhawk authors totally supported Cheney’s Halliburton neo-feudal war.It’s first attack is on LABOR Zionism (the better to privatize you, my dear). Birth fangs gets her NEW Middle East language from this paper.
    Of course Israel didn’t plan this carnage; it came out of the fascists who launched the cold coup against the US in 2000. The Dick didn’t go to Israel; Bibi was summoned to the Dick, and Rummy, and they had a nice chit chat at the World Forum at the American Enterprise Institute, in CO.
    All that was wanting was casus belli. Cpl. Shalit, anyone?
    As if Israelis living in bomb shelters, and Lebanese kids being blown to smithereens weren’t enough, along come interesting military rumors that there is a little fight going on between birth fangs an Olmert, about idiot-boy and his Dick’s desire to have the incursion into Lebanon go deep enough for Israel to move some WMDs into Syria, to have them found by US soldiers, so that the nazis in the US can yell, WE FOUND SADDAM’S WMD! OCTOBER SURPRISE!
    I hope that Israel will stop being a lapdog…

  5. I’d bet that every war ever fought in the entire history of mankind had its moments when the ultimate victor despaired of the fight. We will will this fight because we are brighter, tougher, have morality, right and justice — and G-D – on our side. And before I’m accused of being jingoistic, if I’m correct so what?

  6. “FM (yeah, right), why don’t you make aliyah, and immediately join the army?”
    As soon as I finish college and convert, I will. That way I can also contribute to Israel’s high-tech economy.

  7. In reference to #11.
    I hope that proves that people, any poeple, cannot disinguish actions committed by israel or Jews.
    Poeple saying, i am not anti-semitic just anti-zionist are either a minority or overestimating their own intelligence.

  8. Of course this war will not be one. No military has ever won against guerillas. Look at Napoleon in Spain. Look at the US in Vietnam and Iraq.
    This is why Gush Shalom says DECLARE VICTORY, AND LEAVE.

  9. Actually, as I recall America was founded by settlers fighting off the indigenous Indians – so at least one such war was one, I’m sure there are others as well.

  10. Dirrigible, yes that war was won with genocide you stupid fuck. Millions killed. But they were brown ‘redskins’ not real humans, right?
    No, your side did not kill all of them, and the ecological destruction that the victors are perpetuating is a testament to the depraved insantiy of US, racist culture.
    is that your ‘final solution’ to guerilla insurgents?
    Wow, that a Jew would mouth this shit and not be called on it is indicative of the ‘justice’ that will prevail with Israel’s glorious future ‘victory’.
    Dirrigible, you as barbaric and fanatic as the Arabs you call ‘terrorist’.

  11. “Millions killed”? What history book did that come from. And I wasn’t evaluating the justice or merit of what occured, merely responding to the question of whether in the history of warfare a normalized army had beaten an guerilla foe. I am embarrassed about one thing I wrote, it’s obviously won, not one.
    And btw, the invective of the repsonses to an innocent post demonstrates the difficulty of having rational conversations – I find the foulness of language, while not unique to the left, typifies the left.

  12. Dirrigible – If you, without the use of any expletives, casually dismiss or refuse to evaluate the slaughter of millions of Native Americans, your language is far more foul than the most expletive-laden invective any opponent of yours could come up with.

  13. Sam, so I have now committed the “thought crime” of citing an historical event in answer to a question without commenting on the morality of the event? Is that what discourse in a public forum has now degenerated to? And btw, still waiting for a source that “millions” of Indians were killed (OH OH committed another crime, didn’t say Native Americans). And since we are talking about NA’s, how come they get a pass for the mass slaughter they inflicted on one another; and why do they get another pass for the huge ecological damage they fostered on the environment by burning thousands of acres of land as a tool of hunting buffalo?

  14. Syndey is a major anti-semite and a jesus missionary. You think because you stopped saying it outright that your motives are not apparent?
    And if you really believe your anti-semitism, why are you pushing your jesus nonsense to us?
    Bring your junk and be saved elsewhere please.

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