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Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

ynet reports:

The Lebanese website LIBANOSCOPIE , associated with Christian elements in the country and which openly supports the anti-Syrian movement called the “March 14 Forces,” reported that Hizbullah has masterminded a plan that would result in the killing of innocents in the Qana village, in a bid to foil Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s “Seven Points Plan”, which calls for deployment of the Lebanese army in southern Lebanon and the disarming of Hizbullah.
“We have it from a credible source that Hizbullah, alarmed by Siniora’s plan, has concocted an incident that would help thwart the negotiations.
Knowing full well that Israel will not hesitate to bombard civilian targets, Hizbullah gunmen placed a rocket launcher on the roof in Qana and brought disabled children inside, in a bid to provoke a response by the Israeli Air Force. In this way, they were planning to take advantage of the death of innocents and curtail the negotiation initiative,” the site stated.
The site’s editors also claimed that not only did Hizbullah stage the event, but that it also chose Qana for a specific reason: “They used Qana because the village had already turned into a symbol for massacring innocent civilians, and so they set up ‘Qana 2’.” Notably, the incident has indeed been dubbed “The second Qana massacre” by the Arab media.

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11 thoughts on “Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

  1. And this jibes with the Israeli military inquiry saying that there was no rocket launcher on the building how exactly?

  2. you’re right bz.
    amit — the idf said there were no attacks from qana that specific day. it also said that the building was targetted as a previously used launch site.

  3. But Mobius, it ALSO said the building wasn’t specifically targeted, and it ALSO said that the building was hit by accident, didn’t it? Which IDF story do you want to pick to jibe with whichever new ideologically-oriented “discovery” about Qana suits you at whichever new moment arises?
    Not to mention – I still don’t get the justification, if Hezbollah is using mobile launchers, for bombing “previously used” launch sites at all.

  4. dude, i didn’t justify anything; i said yesterday that israel bears culpability for its actions in qana. i said earlier in the week that i could no longer justify israel’s actions in lebanon at all. i’m just providing links to pertinent information and engaging in devil’s advocacy, as i always do.

  5. Truth is the first casualty of war… and it sounds like you are all engaging in “wikiality”. We won’t know what really happened in Qana for a long, long time.
    Sam, if a spot has been a successful launch site in the past, it makes sense to destroy it and render it unusable in the future. So there’s your justifcation– the harder it is to launch rockets into Israel, the fewer will be launched into Israel.

  6. Guys, there is something really off about this whole incident. Hezbollah is playing the media. There’s this one guy who is in every picture There is that alleged discrepency over what time the bombs fell and what time the building collapsed. There is a tendency here to not believe official gov’t statements, but I really wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Hezbollah is staging “massacres.” I think it should go without saying that any democratic government is of a stronger moral fiber than the dudes in Hezbollah.

  7. Mobius – didn’t mean to say that you specifically were justifying it. Just wondering out loud in the face of your devilish advocacy.
    Ronen – What’s to stop someone from going to a big pile of rubble and shooting rockets from there? I still don’t get it. Is it that they lose the height they had to shoot from when the building was there?
    Smoot – I do agree that there is a sort of haze that descends on a lot of these individual incidents as all sides scramble to get their propaganda in order. We on the internet start condemning and reacting and calling for things without necessarily knowing the exact details, which might not come out for months or even years, when someone writes a book and digs up new documents or something. I guess what we’re doing is kind of a war game, where there is always an implied “if” before a lot of the things we say… maybe it would be better to have a less martial discourse, but that’s a tall order when talking about war.

  8. I hate that innocent civilians are getting killed, but there is a huge problem here. Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties, but Hezbollah needs to be wiped out, and unfortunately the cowards hide among civilians. I mean, Israeli planes drop leaflets telling people to leave town! Hezbollah takes advantage of world opinion, which is quick to blame Israel. And Hezbollah enjoys civilian deaths because it makes Israel look bad. There are already so many doubts about the veracity of this incident–and let’s face it, we have been extremely apologetic (not that we shouldn’t) about civilian deaths–that it is definitely possible that this whole thing was staged.

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