Notes From The Knishery: Cheesisize It!

YSK has begun offering a new option for their potato based knishes, best with the plain, mushroom, spinach, or broccoli. You may now have them heated with mozzeralla or cheddar. They explode a little, but in a good way. But this option is not free. For you, just $1 extra.
Full Disclosure: Another time.

3 thoughts on “Notes From The Knishery: Cheesisize It!

  1. david,
    i plan on makin a friday night dinner at YSK next week,
    so let me know if you are down, and you can blog about it.
    hit me superheroarmbands@yahoo .com

  2. Partial Disclosure: Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery, despite having been founded by a Romanian Rabbi a gazillion years ago, is, sadly, not kosher (by orthodox standards). But to make up for that here’s something funny that was overheard at the knishery …
    Tourist girl: What’s a knish? I don’t know about these flavors. Can I get a plain one?
    –Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery, Houston Street

  3. Not kosher by Orthodox standards because they are open on Shabbes (though they sell and close for Pesach).
    But the ingredients are kosher, and overseen by an Orthodox Rabbi, Rabbi Harry Cohen.

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