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NPR's DIY Menorah Showdown

NPR had holiday ornament contest, in which it asked listeners to submit their original designs for Christmas tree ornaments, menorahs and kinaras. Check out NPR’s Flickr page to see most of the entries. This are my personal faves:

And continuing on the “scary antisemites” theme of that last one, this entry didn’t quite make the cut, however it certainly gets my vote for most, erm, inventive submission…

6 thoughts on “NPR's DIY Menorah Showdown

  1. The test tube menorah is an old one. Been there, done that. Even tried floatign the oil in differnet colored fluids each night. Now, the one thing fun with that is if you burned different fluids, so that the flames were different colored…. Hmm, interesting question. I know that all oils and waxes are good for Chanukkah, but what about non-hydrocarbons? Could we ‘burn’ other things? Go for it, chemical engineers, I want to see the menorah of the future!

  2. Josh, check out your local craft store. The other day I saw coloured lamp oil at Michael’s. In this case, I think it was just the oil that was coloured, not the flame. But, a quick Google will find you lots of places to buy lamp oil that will give you coloured flames.

  3. Holy crap, I knew I recognized the office in the last one! That’s the Gargoyle office in the Student Publications Building in Ann Arbor! Haha! The next time I’m there I’ll have to take a look at the menorah . . .

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