5 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Hi, just went back to the Rush L. link, and you know what – Jimmy Carter and David Duke ARE two peas in a pod.

  2. Limpbaugh would never say anything about B’tselem et al, lest he force himself to inject some truthiness into his quasi psycho world.
    Though I haven’t yet seen Carter’s book, I have been following many of his interviews, and he is consistent in pointing out the difference in the lives [deaths?] of Palestinians under occupation, and the lives of Israeli Arabs living in Israel…

  3. Well, there are some problems with Pop Occulture’s analysis … first of all, SChizophrenia – the reason schizophrenics hear voices and don’t recognize thema s coming form themselves is because the voices occur in a part of the brain that processes hearing – thatis to say, they really do *hear* voices (or whatever). We have no evidence whatsover that this was a widesread phenomenon during ayn part of history, so it’s unlikely that the hearing of voices whether we’re talking abot divination, or angels, or prophecy was something that was widespread in any culture whatsoever. It may be that prophets can be accused of having been schizophrenics, but it’sunlikely that there’s a way to attempt to get an entire society to have this experience. Moreover, hearing things that aren’t there would be evolutionarily unproductive think about it!
    Otherwise it’s an interesting idea..

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