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Nuestro Himno Fin Yiddish

Many many years before before Nuestro Himno, there was ãé ùèòøï áàöéøèò ôàäï. The Star Spangled Banner, translated into Yiddish in 1943 by Dr. Abraham Asen.

O’zog, kenstu sehn, wen bagin licht dervacht,
Vos mir hoben bagrist in farnachtigen glihen?
Die shtreifen un shtern, durch shreklicher nacht,
Oif festung zich hoiben galant un zich tsein?
Yeder blitz fun rocket, yeder knal fun kanon,
Hot bawizen durch nacht: az mir halten die Fohn!
O, zog, tzi der “Star Spangled Banner” flatert in roim,
Ueber land fun die freie, fun brave die heim!

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4 thoughts on “Nuestro Himno Fin Yiddish

  1. B”H
    my zeyde told me about singing this song with his parents and brothers, down on the south side of chicago during the depresssion

  2. but don’t forget – we’re still in exile. i’d prefer to sing ‘The Internationale’ (definitly a Yiddish transaltion availbable) (or else check Billy Bragg’s English translation).

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