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The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb

Writing in the Washington Post, Avner Cohen and William Burr present an article entitled “The Untold Story of Israel’s Bomb”. Cohen is a senior research fellow at the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland and author of “Israel and the Bomb“. William Burr is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive at George Washington University.
In the article, Cohen and Burr write:

[Y]et against contemporary values of transparency and accountability, the Nixon-Meir deal of 1969 now stands as a striking and burdensome anomaly. Israel’s nuclear posture is inconsistent with the tenets of a modern liberal democracy. The deal is also burdensome for the United States, provoking claims about double standards in U.S. nuclear nonproliferation policy.

Full Story at the Washington Post. (There is a longer version of the article at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)
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