NYC Tonight: Shut Up, He's Talking

Like many American Jews in their twenties, Gregory Levey was looking into internships while studying at law school. Unlike most, he fell into the job of speechwriter for the Israeli Prime Minister. The result? A surreal and absurdist memoir, Shut Up, I’m Talking: And Other Diplomacy Lessons I learned In The Israeli Government”. Very Short List gave it the best Venn diagram in the world — a combination of Catch 22, The Daily Show and David Sedaris. The book was released today; Greg will be reading and signing copies tonight in New York at 7 PM at Borders on Park and 57th. You can check out an excerpt from the book here.
Disclaimer: I’m a friend of Greg’s. But you all knew I was a whore. (Disclaimer #2: I’m not using the term “whore” in a sexist or gender-politics sense, Jewschoolers.)

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