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Sock it to ya: I always said wearing nothing but tzitzit was hot but this takes the (k for p) cake…

Way to demonstrate the letter of the law:

Police on Monday afternoon arrested a 27-year-old yeshiva student for undressing in a Bat Yam supermarket, wearing only a sock to cover his genitals, to protest a recent controversial court ruling which permitted the sale of chametz in some businesses.

Eyewitnesses stated the 27-year-old had the inscription “this is not public” scrawled on his abdomen. He claimed that since chamez was sold on the premises, it could therefore not be legally recognized as a public place, and as such, there were no grounds to press charges against him.

And what’s with the photo that goes with the article? Are we to infer that this is the guy in a trench coat before flashing? Does anyone even wear coats like that in Jerusalem in April?
(h/t to JM)

4 thoughts on “Sock it to ya: I always said wearing nothing but tzitzit was hot but this takes the (k for p) cake…

  1. Okay, while I don’t agree with methods and this is pretty much just nasty (although, hey, lets give him some points, this was a nonviolent demonstration), he made his point, no?

  2. Are there any unpleasant side effects to the ruling for civil liberties? What is the law in Israel concerning the rights of all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc to be served in stores and restaurants? Are any protections based on the notion that these places are public?

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