Oh, Eichler's. How I love thee.

I get these regular e-mails from Eichler’s because they have an annual sale on tzitzit that I’ve enjoyed for a few years now. But I also find the e-mails immensly entertaining. For instance, the price on this Ten Commandments commentary is a riot.

Shavua tov.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Eichler's. How I love thee.

  1. I just found myself wondering who thought to him/herself, “Let’s go look up what year the Ten Commandments were received, drop a decimal in the middle of the number and call it a special Shavuos sale price!”
    Only at Eichler’s, folks.

  2. Why would one call an encyclopedia of the 613 mitzvot “The Ten Commandments”? Someone really needs to check their math. (Comments about what’s actually inside are best left to another thread.)

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