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According to a full-page advertisement in The Forward, available as a pdf here, New York Senator Charles Schumer will be making a “Special Appearance” at an event in Central Park that apparently opposes a two-state solution, is opposed to negotiations over Jerusalem, refers to settlers as “heroic pioneer families,” insists “No! To The Surrender of Any Part of Israel,” and commits the cartographical catastrophe of depicting a map of Greater Israel, complete with annexed Territories, in the form of a guitar that stretches into Syria.idc_poster_09

12 thoughts on “Talk to Chuck

  1. Thank you, EV, for pointing out this OUTRAGE. It is simply UNACCEPTABLE that the map of Greater Israel does not also include Jordan within its territory! I’m writing Chuck Schumer about this right now.

  2. “depicting a map of Greater Israel, complete with annexed Territories, in the form of a guitar that stretches into Syria.”
    Bought my first real six string
    Got it at the five-n-dime
    Played ’til my fingers bled
    Was the summer of ’69. . .

  3. Rose Mattus, who this concert is in memory of, was a primary financier of the Jewish Legion. Indeed, several of the sponsors and beneficiaries of this concert are intimately connected to groups on the U.S. DOJ terrorist watch list.
    Call your NY representatives and ask them why they’re openly joining a rally in support of Jewish terrorists in direct contravention of U.S. law.

  4. I contacted Anthony Weiner last year about his announced participation in this outrageous assembly. Did not receive a substantive response. (A month or two later, I got a boilerplate response thanking me for contacting them.)
    I guess I will have to give Chuck a call this time.

  5. Hey EV,
    What, in particular, makes this website either educational or Jewish?
    It sounds to me like you are really big on moral relativism.
    And don’t worry about Chuckie, no matter how many events like this (which have Jews who actually – GASP!! – show some Jewish Pride) which he appears at, he still wants Israel divided, which after 16 years of Arab non-compliance with ANY of their obligations, it is easy for any OBJECTIVE person to see that this means the end of Israel.
    So, don’t worry, he’s still on your side.

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