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Omer blast! Days 45-49

Tuesday night was week seven day three: tiferet of malchut
wednesday night was week seven day four: netzach of malchut
Thursday night was week seven day five: hod of malchut
Friday night was week seven day six: yesod of malchut
Saturday night is week seven day seven malchut of malchut
OK, Well, let’s get that last week squoze in there; it’s a shame to just give up in the homestretch, so here’s my round-up for the final countdown until Shavuot:
Study shows both Jews and Arabs support coexistence; I fart in your general direction towards all those fear-mongering Jewish organizations who exist for the sake of their own existence. No names. You know who you are. “77 percent of Arab citizens would rather live in Israel than in any other country in the world, and that Arab citizens and Jewish citizens both underestimate their communities’ liking of the ‘other.'”
Completely wacko judicial candidate who advocates only non-Hispanic whites as citizens of the US loses. A**h***e.
Rabbis For Human Rights wants you to go hang… a banner.

Banners Across America, a project of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, has launched an effort to get houses of worship to hang banners reading “Torture is a moral issue” and “Torture is wrong.”

Kinky Friedman says that American and British Jews are wimps. “The problem, as Friedman sees it, is that people, not just Jews, have become softened up by our consumer society and its infatuation with celebrity.” You represent, Texas Jewboy.
Giraffe cheesecake….hmmm (Don’t know about “mmm” yet). By the way, it’s a myth that it’s difficult to schecht a giraffe because no one knows where on the neck to cut. I have it on very good record from a reliable shochet that giraffes are easier to schecht because the correct area is quite large.
Israel to stop being bossy. Elijah sighted in Jerusalem.
“We have to move away from a dynamic based on money and aliyah,” Yehezkel told the Post. “We have to add more values, to establish cooperation. Israel has to take responsibility for Diaspora issues as well, such as Jewish identity, education and continuity.”
And now, let’s go forward stand under the chuppah with God, and receive the Torah. May the awe of the moment when God and Israel are joined together by the Torah spur us to get off our tushies and make change in the world.

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