3 thoughts on “Onion Paints Ugly Picture

  1. Scary, Now I sorta get where all my liberal friends are coming from. If they really see Palestine like this, I understand their strong stances. Let’s just inform them that the past president of PLO stepped down because Arafat and his brignads couldn’t be stopped from murder, not as the Onion states: becasue he was hit by a stray bullet.
    A more morbid Onion Response: Undertaker industry up 300% in the large Israeli cities since Intifada restarted 3 years back.

  2. seriously, guys. it’s pretty funny. i mean… are you really going to try to be offended every time a publication uses the word “palestine” or prints a picture of arafat?
    let’s get over it. the rubble headline doesn’t really lean too hard politically one way or another…

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