Only in the B.K.

Sunday morning I woke up to find that people were spray-painting the wall next to my house. The weird thing wasn’t that someone was putting up new graffiti, it was that the people had a permit. They told me it was for a music video for “some reggae artist whose name we can’t pronounce.” I gave a PA directions to the closest grocery store. A few hours later, a couple of buses showed up, one of which contained a portable sukkah.
The story? A Matisyahu video was being shot in front of my humble house on Hope Street in Williamsburg, a not-so-lovely block located next to the BQE. I told Matis, who had his wife and baby in tow, that I was a fan. Later I got this picture of the mural, complete with song lyrics, that they didn’t bother to paint over. Remind me to bring this up the next time one of my Manhattan snob friends (that means you, Jake Marmer) gives me shit about living in Brooklyn.

5 thoughts on “Only in the B.K.

  1. Hey Lilit !! Given that Dan’s out of town, any chance of swinging by Van Gogh Radio Bar 147 Franklin St (Java/India) in Gpoint Sun 10/30 9ish for “Hasid meets Hipster meets Halloween” ? Early indicators are a “one off” show

  2. Hey now, easy on the Jersey digs there Lilit…you know your hipster heart secretly desires the new frontier.
    6th Borough 4 LIFE!

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