Yuntiff Brawl

The Holiday season is a strain for everyone. Even the Chassidim. Zalman and Aaron loyalists show that fighting ain’t just for the Zionists.
The NY Post reports,

Yesterday’s melee, which included punches, slaps and beard-pulling, broke out between clashing factions of the Satmar Hasidic sect in Williamsburg and ended with cops in helmets closing down streets to restore order on a Jewish holiday, Shmini Atzeret.

Full story.

3 thoughts on “Yuntiff Brawl

  1. just based on some shuls i’ve been in on simchas torah, it feels like there must be some secret history of drunken shul violence amidst the dancing. it’s like, the best time to work all that shit out. no one talks about it, apparently.

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