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Our contribution to America: culture culture culture

uncle samWarning: President’s Day is being hijacked by patriots from other countries. and lovers of foreign cultures. luckily for us, this means more interesting shows, events, and projects and less Uncle Sam costumes…
Fri: Soulico w/Onili in Chicago; birthright’s Israelity tour in SD
Sat: JDub celebrates a patriotic holiday weekend with Middle Eastern mash ups, Israeli DJs, and good old American hip hop as SOULICO returns from Tel Aviv for a Brooklyn Loft Party w/Onili, Sneakas & Mazi; Israelity rolls through LA
Sun: Israelity goes Vegas
Mon: Soulico in Austin @ Beauty Bar
Tues: Dan Safer and his troupe, Witness Relocation, perform works-in-progress from his Six Points Fellowship Project, Haggadah, at the Center for Jewish History. They won’t know what hit them…
Wed: Jeremiah Lockwood performs new works-in-progress from his Six Points Fellowship project, Hidden Melodies Revealed, solo in NYC.
Thurs: Golem at the Parrish in Austin!
Fri: Golem at the Warehouse Live in Houston!
what else you got?

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