PA Gives Ministers Luxury Cars

While Palestinian leaders complain about rampant poverty and insufficient government funds to meet the public payroll, ministers and lawmakers decided they deserve more luxury.
According to the Jerusalem Post, the PA has ordered more than 100 luxury cars for the Palestinian government. The PA’s 24 cabinet ministers will each receive a new Audi A-6, priced at $76,000 each, and the 86 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council are in line to receive the slightly less luxurious Audi A-4 models, which cost $45,000.
The government expenditure, however, has not gone unnoticed in the Palestinian press. Columnist Yahya Rabah slammed the members of government for choosing to spend the PA’s meager funds for their own personal benefit.
“The PA is hardly able to pay the civil servants or cover running expenses, members of the security forces are struggling to get a 20 percent rise in their wages, and we still haven’t solved the problem of unemployment,” he wrote.
He also noted that a group of unemployed Palestinians stormed the PLC building last week demanding the lawmakers help them with their plight. “What will happen when these workers see the new cars parked outside the Palestinian Legislative Council offices?” Rabah asked.

4 thoughts on “PA Gives Ministers Luxury Cars

  1. Wow, they better build an armored garage or something, those cars aren’t going to last a day, as it is many of the cars stolen in Israel are stolen by Palestinians. But I guess this new gov’t that everyone has so much faith in, knows what their doing……These cars no doubt will help further the peace process, and empower their fellow citizens

  2. I hope that at least for the environment, they order white cars.
    Even with the car’s insulation, the interior of dark coloured cars is hotter by just a couple of degrees, and this means more work for the air conditioner which we know is a major drain on the gas tank. White, or light coloured cars are better for the environment. Mob/AsafST, perhaps you can get you friends in the PA to demand an envionmentally friendly ‘government’.

  3. C’mon you left-leaning rebels! At least make SOME comment on this story. Avi? John? Anyone?
    /me loves being a moderate 😉

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