Rocking Jewish bands?

Hey all. I’m putting together another show of Jewish poetry and music here in New York – and I wonder if you have any thoughts about the cool new bands out there. To give you an idea of what we are generally looking for, we’ve previously had Pharaoh’s Daughter, Mattisyahu, AfroSemitic Experience, Rashanim and many other such awesome funky people. My new fav is Sway Machinery, I’m quite sure we’ll feature them, but would love to have another band as well. What’s rocking your scene today?

16 thoughts on “Rocking Jewish bands?

  1. Hey all, thanks for your comments so far! I haven’t even heard of some of these people. The budget is ok but humble… and also, we’re New York bound. I’m happy to hear about non-NY bands, just to know what’s out there, so pls keep it all coming, but tahlis, tri-state musicians would be most helpful!

  2. “the ambitious orchestra”, my bro’s new group, is AMAZING – a 20 piece rock orchestra (not an orchestra that does rock). they don’t have an official site, but their accordian playing conductor’s site does their listings: http://www.ickies.com/
    yes they are NYC based and looking for gigs…….

  3. hey, i hope you let us know when this hsow is. id love to check it out and im sure a few of my friends would too.

  4. “Have you considered Golem? they’re NY-based and kick ass. Check out golemrocks.com>”
    “The Murrays” were much better though.

  5. I just wanted to second Chaya’s comment, 8th Day is way cool, it’s brand new, and evryone should sheck it out, i have a review on my blog follow the link on my sidebar

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