Peace Building with Generation Y

The Children of Abraham project is currently recruiting 16-18-year old Jews and Muslims to work together on a Muslim-JewishRelations Guidebook to Mutual Discovery.
The groups is searching for 18 exceptional young people (nine Muslims and nine Jews) from eighteen different countries to participate in an historic project. Together, they will create an unprecedented Muslim-Jewish Relations Guidebook to Mutual Discovery. It will be distributed to Jewish and Muslim communities all over the world atthe end of 2006.
Applications are due no later than January 20th.
Applicants must be:

  • highly motivated
  • prepared to engage with the project via the Internet on a daily basis for four months
  • feel comfortable communicating in basic written English with other mostly non-native speakers
  • have access to a camera and a willingness to explore their religious community through photography
  • knowledgable about their own religious tradition and comfortable serving as a peer educator to those from the other community
  • willing to serve as an ambassador for Muslim-Jewish relations both in their own community and abroad

To suggest a candidate, e-mail houda [at] children-of-abraham.org and copy office [at] shalomctr.org.

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